Oxfordshire Apprenticeships

Thinking about Apprenticeships? You’ve come to the right place!

Looking to build your business for the future? Did you know that taking on an Apprentice can be more cost effective than hiring trained staff? More people than everĀ are startingĀ an Apprenticeship in Oxfordshire. That’s because more local businesses are using Apprenticeships to get the skilled workers they need for the coming years – growing their own talent to meet the needs of their business. And because government funding is available in many cases, those companies benefit from lower overall training and recruitment costs.

Oxfordshire Apprenticeships is a partnership of local councils, National Apprenticeship Service and training providers, whose aim is to help businesses ‘make sense’ of Apprenticeships and provide direct support for employers who are interested in how Apprentices can benefit their business, but are unsure how to get started.

Look out for our ‘Making Sense of Apprenticeships’ employer events in different locations across the County. They give local employers the opportunity to ask a panel of experts about any aspect of Apprenticeships in an informal Q&A forum where we bust the myths, give the facts and help employers in Oxfordshire see the benefits that Apprentices can bring to their business.

Visit www.oxfordshireapprenticeships.co.uk to find out more.